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About me

Living in Hamburg, I work from all over the world. Preferably in Paris, here I feel most the most alive.


I believe in connectedness, in everything and with everyone. My works are expressions of my innermost emotions.

I feel strong, calm, quiet and sometimes loud. 


For me, everything in life is art.

Creating is a meditation and therefore in each of my works is a part of me, my emotions and my soul.


Current Works


I am here to inspire. My art is mainly inspired by my feelings and the nature, a lot of earth tones combined with color accents and textures that reminiscent of natural organic shapes. We humans have partially forgotten that we are a part of nature, we feel somehow not connected with nature and with ourselves.


My works should give you peace and a deep sense of connection.



Get in touch

I'd love to hear from you. For feedback, orders or requests for comission work, please send me a message via the contact form. I will come back to you as soon as possible.
Love, Fulya

Thank your for your message <3